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Company introductionShanghai jia Zhou car rental co., LTD., located in high-end car rental, with "excellent service, professional reception" for the purpose, scope of business in Shanghai and surrounding cities (support) across the country.As a well-known car rental company in Shanghai, the company believes that "specialty is the best competitiveness", and focuses on the customer's car experience from the following aspects: car condition, driver's appearance, service attitude, route familiarity, etc.All models of the company provide self-driving service.We firmly believe that "once cooperation, lifelong friends."Customer requirements, is our pursuitWe want to provide customized services completely around "car rental".Drive on behalf of: the company can provide customers with the necessary supplies in the car: drinking water, paper, wet tissue, disposable slippers, charger, charger treasure, charging cable, hanger, etc. (designated brands should be contacted in advance).The company can help reserve star hotels, clubs, hotels, agents hongqiao airport, pudong airport, hongqiao high-speed rail VIP, vvip business.Self-drive: we are responsible for return, you are responsible for the fun of driving.Good Zhou characteristicsThe company mainly sells "land business class, star nanny car", models: Toyota wilfa, elfa.All models of the company provide self-drive, with driver service.The company can meet the requirements of major enterprises or individual car, medium - and long-term cooperation that is to buy new cars.We firmly believe that "once cooperation, lifelong friends."Welcome to the beautiful Zhou bring you car experience.

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